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USA Office - CCUSA Global Headquarters

The office in the USA handles program administration for: US citizens wishing to travel on one of our outbound programs,  all participants currently in the USA on one of our USA programs as well as communication with employers and overseas partners.

If you live outside the USA and wish to apply to one of our global program, please contact the office in your home country for more information.

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901 E Street, Suite 300
San Rafael, CA 94901 USA

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To ensure you connect with the right person, please select the appropriate contact information from the following list.

Camps, employers and schools who wish to host international staff,  please view the respective information for your employer type in the Host with CCUSA section.

International agents who wish to recruit for CCUSA in their home country, can view more information at Recruit for CCUSA.

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CCUSA Worldwide Offices

A truly global company, CCUSA, maintains offices and partnerships in over 40 countries around the world, allowing us to serve you directly in your home country. 

For more information, please select an office in your home country from the list below. You will be redirected to their website where you can find more specific information, including which programs are available to you. (Please note that if your country is not on the list we are not able to offer our programs to you at this time.)